Serving Humanity through Enlightened Awareness

Humanity is going through tremendous change at this point in time, and it benefits us all to become more self-aware of the changes that are manifesting at an enormous rate. Time itself is speeding up, days, months and even years are passing very quickly now. Personal life experiences are accelerating, and people are finding that they need to make changes in their life story that were totally unexpected even five years ago. Relationships are being evaluated and either renewed or released. Lifestyles are being reshaped and redefined. Consciousness is being upgraded and people are relocating to places where they feel they are most valued. Lightworkers are more than ready to help the world transcend to a completely new paradigm of Unconditional Love, Deep Appreciation, and Global Prosperity.

The world is birthing a new paradigm, bringing forth a new consciousness of reality that offers a totally new perspective on one’s life, one’s career and one’s relationships. It is time to become significantly self-aware, awake and willing to take those necessary next steps towards Transformation & Transcendence.

 The concept of Illumined Truth brings to the global community the advanced Teachings of Nova Earth as it will assist people everywhere to find the Truth of the inner life, the I-AM Consciousness that is part of the next phase of humanity’s evolution.


•  We offer basic and advanced classes for spiritual development in higher consciousness.
•  We offer Individual Interactive Spiritual Life Coaching for personal & group development.
•  We offer a weekly free online Conversation with the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy.
•  We offer private group and individual Readings and Spiritual Healings with the Ascended Masters.
•  We offer Messages from the Ascended Masters & The Realms of Light on our Facebook site.
•  We offer an auxiliary website for advanced study of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters of Shambala.


To foster the highest spiritual potential within every person

To create spiritual communities that support a global effort of Unity        Consciousness

To co-create with Heaven the betterment of humanity through Initiatives of Well-Being and Prosperity

To achieve Self-Realization and Self-Mastery in this lifetime

To raise the consciousness of this planet to a Higher Light Focus

To augment a mentality of Service through Love in all aspects of life


The purpose of Illumined Truth is to assist humanity in attaining the goals and lifestyle of the New Age, The Age of the Holy Spirit, which is the beginning of the 5th Dimension called Nova Earth.

We believe that the power and presence of positive energy is assisted by Divine White light which nourishes and creates human potential in a positive and beneficial direction for all of humankind. We maintain that once individuals, groups and even corporations become aware of the positive potential of Higher Consciousness through such avenues as meditation, mindfulness, and methods of right effort, this will raise the productive and service levels of all aspects of human endeavor. We realize that there is a great shift occurring in the world as Earth and all Her life is transcending to a more Universal and Cosmic Consciousness. We acknowledge that there is now an emerging global consciousness of Love-Wisdom Interaction that is transforming humanity from the old paradigms of greed, hate and delusion to a new paradigm of Love-Wisdom. And, that each individual soul has the option to choose the Greater Reality, a more divine Conscious-Awareness.



•  Personal and Global Transcendence
•  Soul and Monadic Awareness
•  Mindfulness through Meditation
•  Relationship issues and 5D Dynamics
•  Discovering the Principles of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Compassion
•  Living Authentically in a Higher Light Focus
•  Understanding Universal Law and the Structure of Heaven’s Hierarchy
•  Connecting with Source through Invocation and Decree
•  Developing an Authentic and Awakened Life Style


We all live in a time where personal and planetary shift is occurring, whether we understand it or not. To become ‘awake’ is to become aware of both personal and global aspects of our Spiritual relationship with Heaven. Once we are able to experience this awakened consciousness many things about life, incarnation, and evolution become clear and we then can live from the standpoint of Free Choice. We are no longer subject to third-dimensional duality, suffering and misconception; we can choose differently.

What Illumined Truth Teaches

Soul awareness is learning to live from “inside out”, from, not only our intuition but from our ‘true’ feeling. When we then learn to acknowledge and integrate our Higher Soul-Self (our Monadic Self), we then live from Spiritual Will, which is always in alignment with Prime Source (The Supreme Principle of the Universe). When Soul and Monad eventually merge, we live in at-one-ment with Source (God). It matters not what religion or belief you have held in any lifetime, it only matters that the experience of ‘God’ is realized in a moment-to-moment manner.

When you meditate on an ongoing basis, you create a mental state that goes beyond the every-day mind of the mundane world. Out of this mental shift, a shift in consciousness begins to emerge that fosters an awareness of “perfection”. This perfection is viewed in earthly terms as “mindfulness”. Mindfulness differs from mindlessness as it is clear, precise, loving, and traceless. Mindfulness is also an aspect of Unconditional Love, which is in itself difficult to attain without the perfection of mind, body and spirit. But through regular meditation for at least an hour a day, mindfulness becomes a natural outgrowth of this kind of mental discipline. Remember, meditation takes a concentrated effort and it is not a mere relaxation practice.

As Earth’s energy signature shifts, so does our personal energy shift. Relationships have always been keyed to our emotional attraction or our desire body. But as this new Heavenly energy comes through our crown chakra, shifts in our emotional body naturally occur. When these shifts occur, it becomes crucial to examine all our relationships, whether they be intimate or family or work-related; even your relationship with God may take a dramatic upshift. Clarifying your relationships is an important milestone in personal awakenment. Clearing old karma and letting go of what no longer serves you for your Highest Good is preferable to living in an unsatisfactory egoic state of being.

When you live authentically, you live from the highest standard possible, you live from absolute truth and total awareness of everything. When you add the spiritual component of “Higher Light Focus”, you are actualizing your full God-given potential. You become a part of the very Mind of God. When you understand that “Spirit” is “God” and “God” is “All That Is”, then you are able to become a pillar of Light, a centre-focus for Divine Will. This in no way inhibits our “Free Will”, for that too is a gift from God, granted to us at the Fall of Atlantis. Personal values and life purpose become more in line with an optimum way of living. Love, compassion, and forgiveness become a natural outgrowth of consciousness, and you become disentangled from third dimensional patterns of imperfection.

Since “everything comes from Spirit first”, it goes without saying that Universal Law is the vehicle for the transmission of Divine Will. Whether it is the way the physical universe works or the way creation was manifested or how human interactions play out, all derives from God’s Law. When you can comprehend this, you are able to realize that we live in a God-Centered Universe, and there is absolutely no separation between us and God AKA the Universe. This is simply because all that has ever been is God and we are part of that infinite program of Unconditional Love and Oneness.

To connect with Source (God), one must be awake and aware of Heaven’s transmissions. When aspects of the Universe/ God are studied and understood, it becomes possible to realize a true and ongoing connection with the Divine Mind. Many people have done this over the centuries, but have not known what or how this process worked. But in this time of Earth’s Ascension it is possible to learn how to interact with Heaven, the Realms of Light, and the Father-Creator directly. It is also possible to communicate with Lord Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Archangels and Angels, and the Ascended Masters who serve the Divine Will and assist humanity to achieve our next evolutionary step, the next level of Christ-Consciousness in the Divine Plan. So whether you call it channeling, scribing, receiving Divine transmissions or simply using “inner knowing”, it all comes down to direct communication with Source. There is absolutely no harm in this, just the perfection of God’s Will on Earth. This is what we are all heirs to and will regain upon Earth’s Ascension. Calling on the Christ and Archangel Michael for protection is always advisable as you learn how to identify the incoming, vertical energies of Heaven.

To be awake in this Third-Dimensional reality is to make a change in our lifestyle, to let go of our negative ego and personal imperfections; to live free of worldly woes and personal suffering and to acquire a more refined, true way of living. Self-realization is like an enlightened awareness that shifts all the old paradigms of our life into a sense of spiritual groundedness. Self-Mastery allows us to demonstrate our spiritual gifts and talents, while deeply examining our inmost motivations and aspirations. It’s a journey of becoming, and it’s a choice. Once we dissolve our ‘patterns of imperfection’ and acquire our ‘patterns of perfection’, we will truly live in the Peaceable Kingdom. This is living the Illumined or Awakened Life.


Our online Master Classes are an interactive Socratic experience under the guidance of the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth. These loving  and wise Planetary Ray-Masters have been Earth’s guides and teachers for millennia, and they are once again emerging to assist individuals and groups to a Higher Light Focus, so that we as a Human Collective will be able to achieve a smooth and joyous transition to the 5th Dimension, the Nova Earth Reality.