Our Facilitators

Robin Hilary Taylor & AliceAnn Taylor

Together they make an outstanding team for transformation in the world.

AliceAnn Taylor


AliceAnn Taylor has over 35 years experience in orchestrating psycho-spiritual development and facilitating transpersonal training programs. Rev. AliceAnn’s unique ability to bring forth the words & teachings of the great Masters is a tremendous gift to the world, as she has been trained for many lifetimes by the Great White Brotherhood of Light to be one of Earth’s clearest voice channels. AliceAnn is able to reach, not only the Ascended Master Realm, but also the mystical Realms of the High Heavens and bring forth the messages from the Lords of those Realms of Light as well as the Seven-Ray Archangels. She and her husband travel world-wide to bring the Teachings to people everywhere.

“Hello, I am AliceAnn Melchizedek. I am a clear-voice channel for the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, which is a part of the Great White Brotherhood of Light in Heaven. It is my great privilege to be one of their foremost disciples and clear voice channels. It is my joy to bring their words and teachings to humanity. The OakRose Academy of Light that I founded in the US in 2007 assisted people to find their own inner Divine Path of Spirit, The I-AM Consciousness that is present in all of us, but is often not recognized.

I was directed by Heaven in 2018 to relocate to the Southern Hemisphere so that the Light I hold would further assist Lightworkers in their search for Higher Consciousness. Now, in 2020 I am directed to offer the immense wisdom teachings of the Ascended Masters I channel throughout Australia, the Asia Pacific region, and the world.

My goal is to assist individuals globally to discover their highest potential and find that inner freedom which fosters Love, Peace and Joy as a Nova Earth Reality.”

Robin Hilary Taylor


Robin Hilary Taylor has over 40 years of worldwide experience training and coaching people to achieve their highest potential in both their personal and professional lives. He is widely acknowledged as an inspiring facilitator, mentor & coach committed to making a positive difference in the world. One of the ways he does this is through developing leaders around the world who are aware of the important issues facing them at work, at home and in their communities and feeling empowered to address these issues in a positive way.

“Hello, I am Hilary Melchizedek. Over the past two decades it has been my privilege to assist people in finding their authentic true Self, which is a part of the Nova Earth Reality. My primary focus now is to facilitate transformational training programs in Evolutionary Leadership & Higher Consciousness. I coach and mentor individuals who are looking to improve their life through a greater awareness of their life’s path.

I assist AliceAnn in her Service to the Realms of Light and the Ascended Masters she channels, through Master classes, workshops, online training in Spiritual Healing; and we work together to bring Ascend in Love tours throughout the world.
My goal is to Serve in the highest capacity possible for the betterment of humanity. It is an honor and privilege to work with the Realms of Light and to assist Lightworkers in their spiritual development.”